Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Ok, I am beyond angry!

Warning, this will be rant session. I imagine it won't be pretty! As those of you who read my blog now, about 2 weeks ago, I took my toddler into the ER to have a bead removed from her nose. see my post from January 11. Now, mind you, I was in the hospital for 1 hour, tops! I spent a total of 5 minutes with the doctor from start to finish. I don't mind paying for services, but I got the bill yesterday, for the doctor, nothing else. It was 590 dollars! Just to clarify, five hundrend and ninety dollars! For 5 minutes of his time! Can I just say, something needs to be done about healthcare in america when it costs almost 600 dollars for a doctor to spend 5 minutes with my child. I am scared to see what the ER bill will be like. Heaven forbid you get sick or anything, you certainly can't afford to. Where are our governments priorities? Healthcare, education, etc should be our number 1 priorities. I have no problem paying taxes, when I see something to show for it. But, when we are taxed to death,(sales,income,property,excise,etc) yet have nothing to show for it, that is just plain and simple BS! Here is another crazy one! My 2 oldest children are in elementary school. They go to the same school, obviously. Well, starting next fall, they want to send grades k-2 to one elementary and grades 3-6 to another one. So, I will have 2 children in elementary school going to different schools. The best part, I live close to both schools, therefore no bus service, so I will be making drives to 2 different schools twice a day for kids who should be in the same schools! No, I am not a teacher but this makes no sense to me. I can't see the point in dividing the grades. I can see sending some kids to another school if one is over crowded but I can't see the point in dividing the grades. And, it is only these 2 schools in the city, none of the other schools. Ok, am done for now, might rant more later, who knows? lol

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