Sunday, December 11, 2005


Wow, been longer than I thought!

I knew it had been awhile since my last post, but august? sheesh, didn't realize it had been that long. I have really been into my own little world lately. not sure why, just one of those things. part of my blogging absence was due to a major computer crash. luckily, it is being fixed and my pictures were saved. May I know use this forum to remind everyone, backup your files, backup your files, as soon as you can, don't wait, don't procrastinate on this! I have missed blogging, but I have really missed reading others blogs. I have some great friends in this forum and I have not kept up with them and I am trying to get caught up. Kids are doing well in school, made the honor roll this last grading period, taking tae kwon do classes, which they love and have been helping me clear snow this weekend. We have gotten over a foot and a half since late Thursday night. I actually broke my shovel, went to throw a load of snow and the shovel blade went with the snow! lol Got to love the weather in the midwest! Kids had their first snow day on Friday, they were so excited. I may be a bit old but does anyone besides me, who grew up in the midwest, remember when we used to have school canceled not because of snow but because it was too cold? I do. I remember wind chills being 30-40 degrees below zero. Maybe it is just me! lol Hubby is due home in about 3 months, give or take. We have been having some problems as of late, another reason I haven't been blogging. Let's just say, if some things don't change, he can stay there till they kick him out! lol To the other bloggers who read this and have family overseas, is this a normal thing to go through when someone has been gone awhile? just wondering. My roommate has moved to her own apartment, man, I miss her something fierce. She had always planned to move before hubby got home, just did it now before the weather became too ugly. She visits me all the time, thank God. but for some reason, she won't let the kids move in with her, not sure why that is! lol I told her, she doesn't have to take all 3, just 2 and she can pick which 2. I think that is very fair. Well, guess that is all for now. Feels good to back into my blog. Hope all my fellow bloggers are doing well.

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