Saturday, June 18, 2005


Another day...

Well, the kids are loving tennis. whoda thunk it? They are pretty good at it considering this their first time having a tennis racket in their hand. Been worried about dh this last week. He is "traveling" around and I just want him to get back to his location safely. My BIL got married last week. We were beginning to wonder if he ever would! lol Hope someone warned his wife. Just kidding. Cut the grass yesterday, what fun. At least it was nice outside. But what a pain cutting around a swing set and a trampoline! took longer than I thought it would. going to mom and dad's tomorrow for Father's day. hope dh got his stuff. I mailed a month ago so he would get it in time. I have good luck with mail. he has gotten all of my mail/packages in less than 2 weeks. a couple of times, he got his stuff in 8 days! I was thrilled. Just get lucky sometimes. I love the priority mail flat rate boxes. they are awesome!

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