Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Commentary from DH

Well, I spoke to hubby last night, about all of the things going on in Iraq right now. I asked him how he thought things were going. He feels it will take years to get Iraq on track, and in the process he says that alot more bloodshed will occur, on all sides, Iraqi, American, British, etc. He can't believe how vindictive people are. He has people that come to the base, supposedly with information on terrorists. He listens to all of this information, tells his master sargent who then gets a group together to check things out. he says that 80% of the time, this turns out to be a total waste of time. It is some guy who is pissed off at his neighbor/inlaw/ etc. and just wanted to get them into trouble. why do people do this? are they that revengeful about things? he wishes people would put that much effort into helping the country, things would be so much bettter. After being there for 16 months, he has figured out who these people are. He listens to them, says thanks for the info, and then forgets about it. They come back later, asking why nothing was done, he just tells them that they are now on the do not come to the base list and to leave. Will blog more later on what he said.
Ok, adding to it now. Well, now for the better news. They have rebuilt many of the schools and have brought tons of supplies in through Operation Crayon. They have gotten more electricity going, better water. There are over 600 hundred Iraqis who come to the base everyday for jobs on the base. Nothing is perfect, but dh is still hopeful. The children give him hope, they are so hopeful for the future. They love hanging around the soldiers, almost as if in awe of seeing different looking people. They ask for anything that comes from America, no matter what it is, pens, clothing, anything. Most missions he goes on are to see what different villages are in need of, water, electricity, school supplies, medical supplies, etc. Once the list is made, everything is done to get them what they need. He does believe, though, that it will take at least 5 more years to get Iraq on her feet. Maybe longer. We will just have to see.

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