Monday, March 28, 2005


A post... WOW!

Well, I have a post. nothing much new, just an update. dh should be home anytime this week, Inshallah. Just waiting on a plane out of Iraq. I hope and pray he gets to Germany, plane ticket prices are crazy for any place else. doesn't help that we don't have any notice. That is ok, as long as he gets home, Inshallah. Kids are on spring break next week, perfect timing. My daffodils have poked through, hope the weather stays nice. I need spring, really I do! lol get out in the garden, clean up the yard, etc. My oldest daughter has been on a 'why do we do that' kick. why can't muslim women wear short sleeves, what is the big deal about arms? this is just one of what seems like a zillion questions. Thankfully, I have been able to answer her so far. Ah, children. My son is on the everything is haram kick. example... is it haram to wear shoes without socks? lol they are funny, if nothing else. anyone else get these kind of question, or is it just me? well, that is my update. hope all bloggers are doing well.

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