Thursday, February 10, 2005


The kids science fair

My children participated in their first science fair this year, and Mashallah, they both got 2nd place ribbons for their respective age groups. They were so happy. Inshallah, next year, we will all plan better so as not to run around like crazy the night before trying to finish them up! lol Talked to dh last night, he is doing well, Alhamdililah. I actually got to talk to him more than 15 mintutes, Mashallah. that never happens, we always get cut off around 10 minutes. So, that was a nice change. Have a couple of inches of snow yesterday and today. Which, is funny, as as the foot that we had on the ground melted over the weekend! What weather! Anyone see the movie the day after tomorrow? Makes me think that it may not be just a movie! lol We have had lots of flooding from the rivers around here, and that never happens. Had a water main bust yesterday so are water was rusty colored all day, yet safe to drink according to the water company. Sure, whatever. bottled for me, thanks. anyway, not much else to say/blog about. 1st of Muharram starts today, Inshallah. Since we don't have a mosque close by, we will listen to Majalis's online, like we normally do.

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