Friday, February 25, 2005


Just another day

Well, haven't posted for awhile. Been sick, had some dental work done, etc. Just haven't been in the mood to do much of anything. talked to dh today, just waiting to see if/when he is coming home. Soon, Inshallah. It snowed and rained today, sometimes at different times, sometimes at the same time! lol weather has been nuts this year, really. my youngest has started this bad habit of chewing the drywall off of the windowsills. not good, trying to get her to stop but she doesn't see the problem with it, go figure! I hope all my fellow bloggers are well, haven't really been reading anyones for awhile. sorry, I will get caught up soon. guess that is about all, not really much to blog about right now. pain meds are kicking in so I am going to go to sleep. good night! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2005


The kids science fair

My children participated in their first science fair this year, and Mashallah, they both got 2nd place ribbons for their respective age groups. They were so happy. Inshallah, next year, we will all plan better so as not to run around like crazy the night before trying to finish them up! lol Talked to dh last night, he is doing well, Alhamdililah. I actually got to talk to him more than 15 mintutes, Mashallah. that never happens, we always get cut off around 10 minutes. So, that was a nice change. Have a couple of inches of snow yesterday and today. Which, is funny, as as the foot that we had on the ground melted over the weekend! What weather! Anyone see the movie the day after tomorrow? Makes me think that it may not be just a movie! lol We have had lots of flooding from the rivers around here, and that never happens. Had a water main bust yesterday so are water was rusty colored all day, yet safe to drink according to the water company. Sure, whatever. bottled for me, thanks. anyway, not much else to say/blog about. 1st of Muharram starts today, Inshallah. Since we don't have a mosque close by, we will listen to Majalis's online, like we normally do.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Get a life already!

Well, gossip certainly knows no bounds. I thought I had heard it all but I am again taken by surprise. One of dh's best friends called tonight, very upset. He had been told that dh has been home from Iraq for a week and he was hurt that dh hadn't let him know. Ah, excuse me? No, dh is not home, thank you very much. What moron told you that? Another guy, who hasn't spoken to dh since last summer. People crack me up, they really do. Do they have that little to do, just run their mouths about things they know absolutely nothing about? None of dh's so-called friends have asked about him in almost 6 months, yet they seem to know everything. Hell, I am his wife yet I don't even know when he will be home, go figure. I am not really mad, I am just so sick of the gossip that goes around the Iraqi community. I mean, go say some extra prayers, make some duas, read the Quran, my gosh, there are so many other things to do besides talking about things you know nothing about. And, just in case you don't know, gossip is a sin, haram, not allowed, especially when you are trying to upset other people. Enough said. Sorry for the rant. I hope I don't get anymore phone calls!

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