Monday, January 03, 2005


A New Year

Well, a new year has begun. I hope and pray that it will be better than the last. Better for the tsunami victims, better for all countries currently at war, etc. All of the devastation that has happened in the last year, it really has been a hard one. War, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes. Around the area I live in, local businesses have begun changing their signs from saying God bless America to America bless God. I think that is very interesting. People have definitely forgotten their faith, I am the first to be guilty of it. You get caught up in the hectic pace of this life, however short it may be. You don't have time to pray, to be compassionate, to remember God in all that you do. Great excuse, I am too busy, I am too tired. Look around, see what is going on right now. Natural disasters are up, crime and poverty are rising, people are becoming more and more selfish. Do we really have to wonder why that is? The answer is obvious to anyone who just wants to look for it.

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