Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Another day...

Well, I am posting, because a fellow blogger whose name I will not mention was upset for my lack of posts! LOL Ah, you know who you are! :) Nothing much new, dh says he is 50/50 on whether to stay longer in Iraq or not. I guess I will just wait and see what happens. Why haven't I blogged? Just not much going on, same old same old. Had a lot of things breaking around the house lately. Kitchen sink was leaking, toilet is leaking, truck won't start, I think I have a bird or something in the attic, etc! lol When it rains it pours. Weather sucks. I don't mind cold and snow, I am used to it. But, it is going back and forth, 6 inches of snow, then temps in the 50's then back down to 10 degrees!! Make up my mind already! lol Anyway, this is my post, boring and predictable. Hope all my fellow bloggers are well. Keep praying for peace.

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