Saturday, December 25, 2004


Merry Christmas

No, I don't celebrate Christmas in the santa claus, trimming a tree, etc kind of sense. I explain the importance of Jesus, a.s., to my children, what he did, said, etc. But, I wish the very best to all of those who do celebrate. However, and this may make some people mad, but I feel that I must say it. Where are people's priorities? Certainly not around here. We are at war in 2 countries, will probably be more by the time bush is out of office, people are dying, soldiers haven't seen their families in months or even years in some cases, our economy is the worst it has been in years, need I go on? And what do I see on the news night before last? People complaining that sony didn't produce enough playstations to go around, so people can't get them for Christmas gifts! What in the hell is wrong with these people? You should be thanking God that you can afford a playstation, some people can't afford food to eat. You should be thankful that you have a healthy child to give it to, some people are mourning the loss of a child from a bomb, disease, etc. You should be thankful you have a home to live in where someone can open that gift, many around the world are living in refugee camps right now without heat, electricity, running water. How dare people complain about not being able to buy an unnecessary 200 dollar gaming console. Shame, shame, shame. Where are people's heart? Are people that selfish, that unaware of what is going on outside their front door? Yes, have a Merry Christmas, but for God's sake, look around, open your eyes, have some empathy in this coming new year. Let's make it better than this past year.

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