Monday, December 20, 2004


Continuation of previous post

I started to write a comment about my previous post, decided it may become too long winded, so I am writing a new post. I was watching bush today, and now that he is a lame duck, the truth comes out! Like we didn't see it coming. Now that he has been reelected to his last term,(thank God for term limits), he is finally showing his true colors. I was watching parts of his news conference today, and I was literally swearing at the tv! He has the nerve to say, yeah, the Iraqi national guard is not prepared to handle security. Well, no shit, sherlock. What was your first clue, the daily suicide bombings or the snipers? Then he starts his lies, that recruitment is going well for the armed services. Ah, excuse me, I do believe I just heard yesterday that recruitment was down 30% for the national guard and they want to increase recruiters by over 50%. Gee, you think the president himself would be privy to this information, don't you think? Then, it comes out that he ok'd the use of sleep deprivation and dogs on Iraqi prisoners! Another shocker, not dubya! Tell me it ain't so. Sorry if the screen is dripping sarcasm, I just can't help myself. I guess now that since it is too late to do anything about him and he can't be reelected, the gloves are off. And, all this from the Times man of the year???? What a joke!

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