Friday, November 12, 2004


Your questions, answered

1)Is your dh in the army or did he just join to be a translator?
No, he is not enlisted with any armed services, he is a private contractor who is with the armed services in every sense, except being enlisted. Has the uniform, lives on the base, etc. He wanted to do this because he said, without translators, people from both sides could get hurt/killed due to the language barrier.
2)How often do we talk and how?
We talk 3x a week or more. If he uses the base phone and a calling card from here, they only charge 3 cents a minute, or whatever the card charges for calls inside the US. Of course, all calls are a 15 minute limit. sometimes, it cuts you off even sooner than that. We also email back and forth.
3)What is the sweetest thing dh has ever said to me?
4)What is the most amazing thing he did that surprised me?
I put these together as it happened at the same time, just recently when we were home on leave. Dh had asked me what I wanted him to bring me back from Iraq. I said, nothing, just come home in one piece! :) So, we come home after picking him up from the airport and are sorting through his suitcases. He opens his carry on bag and hands me a small red box. I open it and got the shock/surprise of my life. Inside the box, is a very, very nice set of Iraqi gold jewelry, Mashallah. I have never been so surprised in my life! Now, this is the sweetest thing he ever said part. His cousin, along with his wife, came to visit. After seeing the jewelry, she says, Mashallah, that is so nice of you. Dh goes, well, when we got married, she asked me for nothing, we had nothing. Our bed was 2 single mattresses laying side by side on the floor. He says, she told me, she didn't care, that she loved me and we would work together to make our life and we did. So, she has put up with me for almost 10 years and I think this is the least I could do for her considering what she has done for me, Mashallah. She and I were both teary-eyed. I guess distance does really make the heart grow fonder, Mashallah.
5)What does dh see as the solution to the Iraq situation?
Well, truthfully, he says he has no idea. The Kurds want their own country, the Shias finally want to be able to do something with their majority, and the Sunnis don't want the Shias to have control over them. He says it is just a big mess and really doesn't know how it will ever work out. He is hoping that the elections will help people relax as they will have a real say in their own government. He is just taking a wait and see what happens after the elections approach.
6)What does dh think about my blog?
He has no idea that I am doing this blog. He hasn't seen it and I haven't told him about it. No reason, just keeping it to myself right now.

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