Sunday, November 28, 2004


Busy weekend

Well, my friend moved in with me today. The kids and I are so excited. We have been best buds for over 8 years now. She is single and was wanting to get out of her apartment complex. Tired of living on the 3rd floor. So, she is going to stay with me until dh gets home. I can't believe I have an adult to talk to now! You never realize how much you miss adult conversation until you have spent a lot of time alone with 3 kids 8 years old and younger! lol My oldest daughter is sooo excited, as she just loves this woman. Even dh is happy. We always joke that if he ever wants a 2nd wife, he can have her but no one else! Been a busy day, moving her stuff in, etc. Now, I am wound up, it is almost 1 am and I can't sleep. Dh called about 11pm so that was cool since I missed his call yesterday. He seemed to be doing well. I got a call from another company who wants dh to work for them when he is done with this contract! I might just have to "misplace" that message!! lol Yeah, like I am going to pass that on to him! When he comes home, he ain't going nowhere, Inshallah. Even if I have to hog tie him! lol We'll see what happens.

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