Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Another day, a different story

You know, not that long ago, I blogged about dh wanting to maybe sign up for another year. I had told him that it would be ok with me since I know how strongly he feels about it. The funny thing, the last 5 conversations I have had with him, he is in a big hurry to come back. He says things have changed over there, it is getting worse and worse everyday. I do wonder what he means exactly, as I haven't seen much on the news concerning the part of the country he is in. of course, the whole country is in shambles right now and you do wonder what part of the news is true. He used to love being there, working, helping people, etc. Now, he seems kind of disillusioned. About what, not really sure. This is a new attitude coming from him. Totally opposite of before. Whatever happened to change his mind, I won't question, will find out when he gets home. Besides, I want him here so however that happens, I won't worry about it. Allahu Alim.

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