Friday, November 05, 2004


10 year anniversary

Well, today is my ten year anniversary, the first that I have spent without dh. I got to talk to him last night, so that was good. I have been thinking back, and I can honestly say, we have had a pretty good marriage over the years. Sure, we have had our differences, and nobody can make more angry than him, but those times are few and far between. Thank God. The funny part, no one thought we would make it. An American married to a former Iraqi, an Arab of all things! :) But, thankfully, they were all wrong. A marriage works because 2 people put time and effort into it. We have been through a lot together, 3 kids, a heart surgery, being broke! lol My dh still has an orange, I kid you not, that is 9 years old! Why? here is the story. We weren't quite married a year, and dh found out he needed angioplasty done. So, he has it done, no problems, Alhamdililah. 3 weeks later, his lung collapses and he ends up being off work another 2 months. I was working at a job making 6.75 an hour. Between the house bills, the medical bills, etc. we were in a sorry state. At one point, I had not gone to the store in almost 2 weeks, and all we had in the house was this 1 orange. Dh kept it as a reminder to always appreciate what you have and never to be ungrateful, as you can be back at the point at anytime. That orange has even been through 3 moves! He refuses to get rid of it! May sound corny, but that is the way he is. Another thing I love about him, he is absolutely in awe of his children. I mean, when they are born, he is just like a small child looking at something going, oohhh, look at that. He loves his children and spends as much time with him as possible. I miss the little things with him being gone, the parent side of him when the kids are driving me nuts, the way he massages my head when I have a migraine, the way he sneaks up behind me and surprises me with a hug and a kiss on the back of my neck. I remember the first birthday I had after we were married. This was during the time when he had the lung collapse. As I said, we were broke. So, being an artist as a hobbie, and I good one, I might add. He drew a colored pencil portrait of me for my birthday because he wanted to so badly to give me a gift. Mashallah, it looks exactly like me! He is really gifted but doesn't have the patience to do it very often, though I wish he would. Well, as you can tell by my long post, I am missing dh today, more than usual. We never had a wedding in the traditional sense, got married in the courthouse! We always said that we would throw a big anniversary/renewal of vows party on our 10th anniversary. Oh well, Inshallah, we can do it for our 20th! :) Happy Anniversary, honey. Love you and miss you!

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