Friday, October 01, 2004


Why am I surprised by people's ignorance?

So far, this blog hasn't been too political, etc. That ends now. Yesterday, I recieved a call from the FBI, yes, that's right, the FBI. A secretary at my children's school called in a "tip", saying my dh was returning to Iraq in order to do God knows what. I had to verify with the agent what he was doing, etc. I must say, he was very nice, very apologetic, very respectful and understanding of my anger. oh, yes, to say I was pissed is the understatement of the century. how did this come about? well, found that out today. last Friday, I called my children off from school so they could spend time with dad before he left on Sunday. when the secretary mentioned this to my daughter's teacher, she said, oh yes, I know, he is returning to Iraq. Well, somehow, this secretary turned this into my dh was a bad man, a pilot, and she wasn't sure whose side he was on so therefore she had to call in this tip. what a crock. she saw the arab name and assumed the worse. didn't even bother to ask the teacher, just jumped to her own ignorant conclusions. She could have caused my dh alot of trouble, etc.
My dh went through a rigorous security and background check for his job and this person acts like he is some criminal. But, hey, don't bother to ask someone who knows what is going on like the teacher or the principal or me. lets just call in the FBI. I hate osama bin bullshit. because of him and his crap, now all muslims are treated like terrorists, no matter what. I hope they find him and give him what he deserves. That man is not a muslim, as far as I am concerned, he doesn't even believe in God. no one who does that kind of terror can have any belief in anything, he is just a liar. and now, good people have to pay the price and that is a bunch of crap!

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