Sunday, October 24, 2004


Well, it's official. I am addicted!

Well, it is true, I am addicted to blogs. I sit, for long periods of time, reading blogs. It started with just a few blogs of people I know, then turned into something else. I began reading the blogs that my friends have linked to their blogs, then going to the comments section and finding more blogs and reading them! it is a viscious cycle that I can't stop. Maybe I will start another blog for blog-reading addicts like myself. I guess it is nice to read other people opinions on everything from religion to child rearing to the situation in Iraq. I really love all of the Iraqi blogs as it gives you an insight to what is really going on over there, from a native Iraqi's point of view. I think blogging is a great arena to discuss things, just check out some of the comments sections on some blogs. People really get going. I think that is great, discussions, differences, likes, dislikes, similarities. Maybe people will open their eyes to what is going on in the world and try to make it better. That would be nice. Only God knows.

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