Monday, October 11, 2004


I want a nanny! :)

So, it is Monday morning, yes, morning. It is now around 5:30 am, been up since 4. why, you may ask? well, my 14 month old has a cold, was coughing alot last night, then decided around 4 to start her day. She is in her crib, talking to herself, I was laying in bed, begging her to go back to sleep, at least for a little bit! Didn't work, so here I am! I have dh's care package ready to ship. I got everything on my list, including a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies! My older daughter had a good time helping me bake. I got to talk to dh yesterday. It had been a few days because the phones had been done. Very typical. He also has lots of new people who replaced some that went home. They haven't quite figured out how things work in Iraq yet. But, they are getting used to it. Just takes awhile, I imagine. He is well, thank God. I pray everyday that things calm down in Iraq.

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