Friday, October 08, 2004


How things change

Well, while hubby was home, I noticed that a few things about him had changed. Alhamdililah, nothing bad, but after almost 10 years of marriage, you notice these changes. He used to drink tea like crazy. Iraqi people are famous for drinking tea and extremely strong coffee. Now, he doesn't touch the stuff, at all. He also has developed an addiction to homemade chocolate chip cookies. This from a man who doesn't eat any kind of sweet thing, I mean no cake, brownies, baklava, candy, anything. Now, I have to mail him a batch of these cookies because he is craving them. I also have a list of clothing, hats, etc. that some people are asking for so I have to do some Wal-mart shopping tomorrow. My items include a NASCAR hat. This is a request from an Iraqi he met over there. Who would have thought Iraqis know about Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt? Must be that satellite tv they weren't allowed to have under saddam? Good for them! They need to have something fun to watch right now. Take their minds off the fact that bombings continue all of the time. Like anything can take their mind off the fact that things are horrible over there right now. Allahu Alim

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