Thursday, October 14, 2004


Happy Birthday, my oldest daughter is 8

Well, my oldest turns 8 today and I am wondering where the last 8 years have gone. Time flies soooo fast, I just can't believe it. Seems like she was a baby just last week. She makes me miss her dad more than anyone else because is just like him. Personality, sense of humor, etc. are just like him. I know I have been venting about not having a break from my kids lately, because their dad is gone. But, today, I feel very blessed to have them and dh in my life. He truly is a hands on dad who spends time with them. I spoke to a relative yesterday, and after talking to her, I feel bad for having complained. Why? She has 2 small children, with another due in December. Her dh is with her and does nothing, I mean, nothing to help her with the children. I don't have help because dh isn't here, not because he has this I am the man kind of attitude. I feel blessed at having such a wonderful, caring husband who is also a great father, Mashallah. Sure, we have our problems, who doesn't? But, Alhamdilillah, so far we have been able to work things out and that is what is important. I hope he gets a chance to call today so my daughter won't be disappointed. Getting a phone to work in Iraq is a miracle sometimes. I am just really missing him today, more than usual and I just pray that he and all the soldiers, workers and humanitarians in Iraq come home safe and sound.

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