Friday, October 22, 2004


Dinner at my house

Well, it is my turn to have dinner at my home. There is a small group of ladies, 4 us to be exact, whose dh's are either working in Iraq, visiting Iraq or about to go to Iraq. So, we are taking turns having iftars at each other's home. For those fasting Muslims out there, you know how difficult it is to cook for one, let alone fast for one. This gives us a chance to get a little break from cooking, enjoy each other's company, etc. The best part is, Mashallah, one of the ladies is a very well-educated Sayda from Najaf, Iraq, and she leads the rest of us, all American reverts, in Juma prayers and such. That is so nice, she is also helping my 8 year old learn some arabic, along with me, too! Mashallah, she is sooo nice. Dinner tonight should be funny. It always is when you are mixing Iraqis with Americans. So, here is my dinner... Bamiah(okra soup), rice, Shorbat Addas(noodle soup w/ lentils), one of my must haves every night, salad, fettucine alfredo, dates w/ yogurt, shake and bake chicken, and banana pudding. You can all stop laughing now!! :) Inshallah, everyone is having a blessed Ramadan. It is nice not to be alone during this month.

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