Saturday, October 30, 2004


Another lazy weekend

Well, not a lot going on this weekend. Kids were off from school on Friday, which they loved, I didn't! lol Weather here is nuts. Wind is blowing my leaves all over the place. Well, at least now all of the trees will be bare, so, when I finally rake them all up, that will be all. I joined a gym today. I really need to get into shape and lose some weight. Having 3 kids really throws your body out of whack. The cool part about this gym, from a Muslim woman's point of view, certain days of the week are for women only and the windows are all closed over. I can exercise, swim, etc. They have a pool and a whirlpool!! I am so excited. It is hard for a Muslim woman to find a private place for swimming. I think I am going to like it. I really enjoyed my time there today. Talked to dh again last night. He still hasn't gotten the package I sent and I mailed it on the 12th of October. I hope he gets it soon. The cookies I made are gonna be nasty otherwise! He said that all of the American soldiers are dressing up for halloween. even the cooks in the chowhall. They need to have some fun considering where they are. The most popular costume... being a General! lol I know, corny, but hey, consider the circumstances. Some of the families even sent masks out to the soldiers to wear. Obviously, dh doesn't do halloween, but he is happy that all of the guys he is with are having some fun. They need it. May God bless all of the people in Iraq, whatever country they hail from.

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