Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Another day with the children

Well, kids got out of school early today. Lucky me! lol The baby is teething and the older 2 were bored, what a fun day. Everyone was either fighting or crying or both it seemed like all day today! When dh gets home, I am going on a week's vacation. I don't care if it is to the garage, just to get away for a bit. I know mother's are so supposed to patient, but I am only human and sometimes, I just need a little break! He can deal with the diapers and the whining and the fighting and whatever else they decide to do. I spoke to him yesterday. Alhamdililah, he is doing well. I just miss him. I had not planned on being a single parent. It is much easier with the children when he is home. Allah Kareem.

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