Sunday, September 05, 2004


6 days to go!!

Well, 6 more days till dh gets home, Inshallah. The kids and I are counting the days. Now, if we can just get him to stay home once he gets here, that will be even better. He keeps talking about going back. We will definitely have to see about that. I don't know that I would handle that very well at this point. Allahu Alim. We will see. Hakima is ready to let him have if he wants to go back. I told her, have at it. Tear him up. Maybe a guilt trip from a child is just what he needs. I guess my house will be full of people. Of course, that is why his return date is not being announced around town. I know, I am publishing this on the web, but no one in my area knows about my blog so Inshallah, it will be ok. I just want him to be able to relax before the hordes of people show up, not because they missed him, but because they want to know about Iraq. I will have to be very patient and bite my tongue a bit, I am sure! lol Oh, well. I will just be happy to have him home.

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