Thursday, August 26, 2004


School is back in session!!!!!!

Well, today is the second day of school!! YEAH! I need a break from my 2 older kids. My son got into all day kindergarten, so that makes things a lot easier. My daughter is in second. Now, all I have to deal with is a 13 month old! I think that is actually easier than the older 2. She doesn't argue with anyone yet! Just gets into everything. Oh, well, not like I haven't dealt with that before. I seem to have alot more patience with this little one compared to the other 2 at that age. Maybe chalk it up to experience, or the fact that I am older, or maybe that I am no longer so obsessed with how clean my house is, etc. Either way, I am enjoying this time with my kids. They are excited to be back at school, I am defintely excited for them! LOL

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