Sunday, August 29, 2004


Counting the days!

Well, 2 weeks till hubby gets home. The kids are so excited. I just pray for his safe return from Iraq. I got to talk to him today. His cell phone is actually working. The towers keep getting messed up by sabotage so it is has been very hard to get ahold of him. Been having to wait for him to call me! This was a nice change. My 13 month old is walking now, Mashallah. Trying to get into everything. Dh can't wait to see her, she couldn't even sit up yet when he left. He is so excited to see her. My son, he is a character. My dh asked him, what would you like me to bring you from Iraq? He, of course, says he wants a game for his nintendo. Dh says that they don't have anything like that in Iraq right now. What does my son respond with? In a very sarcastic voice, he says, well, what in the hell do they have in Iraq? I didn't know whether to bust out laughing or correct him. 5 year olds, what characters.

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